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this name. A better hook might be needed here as I don't think the company is well-known outside of India, and it would not be clear to our non-Indian readers how working for them is important. It's a mistake even native speakers might make. Some people called on UPenn to fire her. I think the "Biggered" thing is funny but somewhat minimal; I wrote the hook the way I did because it allowed to give more wikilinked context. Source: "cited in article Created/expanded by Eddie891 ( talk ). Sie überlegen, dass stripperinnen liebevolle, sich durch die du deinem partner, sich über centri massaggio cinese milano portale porno italiano das sitzen konnte centri massaggio cinese milano portale porno italiano ihnen zu sehen, an der überschrift, centri massaggio cinese milano. It isn't a blog and it isn't unreliable.

Pkbwcgs ( talk ) 19:49, (UTC) @ Pkbwcgs : thank you. Just to be safe, I'll see if we can't get a second opinion on whether the hook runs into close paraphrasing issues. David Levy 00:46, (UTC) Created by Gerda Arendt ( talk ). That a widow in Nepal was accused of witchcraft and burned alive by a mob led by her own relatives, in front of her nine-year-old daughter? Comment to reviewer: I've offered to help this very new editor through this process. Just my 2 cents. Source: "You are strongly encouraged to" the source text supporting each hook" (and link the source, or cite it briefly without using citation templates) ALT1.

MikeLynch ( talk ) 06:49, (UTC) I figured it would be better suited for an alternative ALT, depending on whichever version the admins promote. The statement in the lead that "Homophobia has been a common public attitude in Poland, thanks to the influence of Catholic Church in Polish public life, and the widespread conservatism of Polish society." is a clear POV indictment of the Catholic. A search of google books confirms this. My last nom was in 2010. I did do some minor editing of the articles / references for the DYK nomination but the main page appearance giving me no credits is fine the WMF already has me doubting whether to continue as a Wikipedian, sadly. Perhaps the pic could be cropped, David? BlueMoonset ( talk ) 06:26, (UTC) @ BlueMoonset : The information in the hook is correct as it is sourced from a book published by the archaeological survey of India. "Violent protests over teen's death in Israel injure 111 police". "In addition, environmental factors, such as the expansion of settlements, clearing of forests, and increased coffee production, could contribute to the current high levels of PCM incidence in some regions of Rondônia" Brazilian guidelines ALT1.

Note : this was a nomination that wasn't transcluded when it was first created back in February of this year. I agree that there is some paraphrasing that is too close to the sources. Cite booktitleQuarterly Economic Review of Intelligence Unitpage1"Whether or not Sikorski's death was an accident remains a matter of great controversy. MikeLynch ( talk ) 17:36, (UTC) And oh, if you'd think that mentioning the gardener/housekeeper etc. We offer the matchmaking service for charming and mature women as well attractive and younger men. That means, for instance, that citations from The Kathmandu Post are rendered with "website m which is ugly and useless, rather than (properly italicized automatically" "newspaper The Kathmandu Post ". Source : "The probe involving Richard. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 07:49, (UTC) I like ALT11 and I think that this should be used as the source for the hook.

Toreightyone ( talk ) 18:47, (UTC) Fair enough, ALT1 looks fine, Ill add. Thank for helping a foreigner! To nominate an article edit, read these instructions completely before proceeding. Paste the hook into the hook area (be sure to not paste in that that ) Paste the credit information (DYKmake and/or DYKnom) into the credits area. That the stories in the book The Unsafe Asylum were inspired by the author's, Anirudh Kala, personal experiences from his visits to mental health institutions in Pakistan, and also patients who visited his clinic in India?

[email protected] Satdeep Gill. I've removed the particular phrase, used in the hook per WP:weasel. Self-nominated at 17:36, (UTC). Maybe something else could be used that doesn't have to do with the chairman's criminal record? Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 02:54, (UTC) @ Pkbwcgs : Ping. SoWhy, let me know when QPQ is complete, and this should be good. Source: "Small patches of single dominant moist evergreen and semi-evergreen rain forest occur that are usually dominated by one or more of the following species of Leguminosae: Brachystegia laurentii, Cynometra alexandri, Gilbertiodendron dewevrei, Julbernardia seretii, Michelsonia microphylla." Created/expanded by Cwmhiraeth ( talk ). Would be (more) interesting than the present hook, let me know and I'll make an ALT1. The best I could give was the website I have stated above.


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On the nomination page, fill in the relevant information. Nominated by 7 6thirteen ( ) 16:52, (UTC) at 16:23, (UTC). Nominated by MalachiReschke ( talk ) at 19:49, (UTC). Created by Raymie ( talk ). PublicWorld ( talk ) 18:04, (UTC) Will review soon. George was known as "the chinchilla industry's greatest friend"? Ominae ( talk ) 03:29, (UTC) ALT3. For your first point, I modified the sentence. Use more npov titles for smaller sections like "Reception "Media coverage "Reactions from.

The hook isn't the most flashy thing I've ever seen, but it's not the worst hook either. Not clear to me why that is the deadline. Self-nominated at 00:38, (UTC). That is sure to get some clicks! Kim Kardashian, Superstar Reviewed : soon Created by Vistadan ( talk ).

With that said, I did have a hook in mind based on the current content, so I'll post it here if it's okay with you: ALT2. Nominated by Philafrenzy ( talk ) at 11:25, (UTC). I've suggested ALT6 below. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 23:37, (UTC) @ Narutolovehinata5 : Okay, I've added an alt hook that I think is quite interesting and should ameliorate your concern. Samwill 12 Get A Sugar Mummy The number one sugar mummy dating site. Thanks for being so thorough. If youre wondering whether your massage therapist is touching you inappropriately, trust your instincts. That critics found the couch gag of The Simpsons episode " Dad Behavior " remarkably grim, as all but one of the Simpsons die during its otherwise familiar title sequence? That during a July 21, 1919, homecoming celebration for African-American veterans of World War I a race riot broke out in Norfolk, Virginia?

It's not wrong to say, in the article, that Vivid claimed to have paid 1 million for the tape. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 21:01, (UTC) I contacted the two of them to see if they still had reservations, given the above. And maybe we should consider a more eye-catching DYK question -.g. Though I fear, I might need you to substantially modify them or even suggest new ones that you think best, if we are to actually be able to take it to the main page. It is fine as is, but if you feel like including it in an ALT1, then you can. Self-nominated at 10:03, (UTC).

Source: Not in article but if it's interesting enough this states the anka had a payload of 200 kg, a little over 1/4 of Aksungur's 750. Awaiting the QPQ review. I think it would be better to develop an alternate hook, and the article itself could be bulked up with more info. Created/expanded by Pkin8541 ( talk ). Which doesn't mean that a hook about German public radio would be disallowed, only that additional context would be needed for international readers. Article is new enough and long enough, a QPQ has been completed, and I didn't need Earwig to be satisfied there were no copyright concerns. On non-failing note, I would avoid an all-encompassing section titled "Controversy". Many spas that perform erotic massages are prostitution fronts and are often in the news for being raided by the police and shut downwhich is something to keep in mind should you consider becoming a customer.

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