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, only for the stamp size of the Main page. Thank for helping a foreigner! The top of the page includes a list of the DYK criteria. ( 1 ) ALT1. The Aksungur has a maximum payload of 750 kilograms. WBG converse 06:11, (UTC) Full review needed.

BlueMoonset ( talk ) 06:26, (UTC) @ BlueMoonset : The information in the hook is correct as it is sourced from a book published by the archaeological survey of India. Sugar Mommy - Rich and successful. Interesting, strangle death more than life, on good sources, Polish sources accepted AGF, no copyvio obvious. Spokoyni ( talk ) 09:51, (UTC) Ravindra Dave Created by Nizil Shah ( talk ) and Coderzombie ( talk ). (1983 indicates recent reactivation of the Meers fault. Pkbwcgs ( talk ) 20:49, (UTC) @ Pkbwcgs : Can you please cite the "Fleet details" sections so that this can be approved? Nominated by 7 6thirteen ( ) 16:52, (UTC) at 16:23, (UTC). But the original real-life basis planned for the book makes an interesting hook on its own, I think. Has been developing unique ways to make climate change easier for the general public to imagine.

And her comments being controversial is mentioned and referenced in the article itself. Gürtel Prügel, gürtel, Hand, Paddel und Riemen. Ich wage, dass Sie dieses Keuschheitsgerät anziehen mit Keuschheitsgürtel necken 1 mit Keuschheitsgürtel necken 2, was ist unter seinem Keuschheitsgürtel? Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 23:54, (UTC) Hmm! Unfortunately the article is not currently well enough referenced to qualify to DYK - there needs to be an inline citation at the end of each paragraph as a minimum. I'd suggest that you request a copyedit over at WP:goce/R before this nomination can continue. That by 1784 the Cozzi porcelain factory of Venice had a stock of 118,000 pieces, mostly old and out of fashion? That Joe Biden thought Joe Biden was funny? As for the citations, are there possible citations that can be used from de:Ranga Yogeshwar?

Self-nominated at 17:21, (UTC). David, I think the image would be better cropped in this size, do you agree? WP:DYK is not a Zero sum game. Nizil ( talk ) 07:55, (UTC) @ Nizil Shah : I would still push for tomb of Alauddin Khalji instead of tomb of the king. I am not a native speaker of English. Self-nominated at 10:09, (UTC). I am not sure about the last sentence there either.

MWright96 (talk) 19:48, (UTC) Thank you, MWright96 Apologies for the long delay. Axem Titanium ( talk ) 01:53, (UTC) @ EdChem : everything else besides the QPQ are good. I suggest trim it based on the source you used. Whispyhistory ( talk ) 04:48, (UTC) ALT3. Reporting groundswell of support of Wax? Self-nominated at 15:20, (UTC).

The main issue that it now appears that the information is no longer in the article, which would make ALT1/ALT1a unsuitable. More straightforward version of ALT0, same sources apply. Thank you for the review and proposal. Not clear to me why that is the deadline. Nominated by Philafrenzy ( talk ) at 11:25, (UTC). For practical purposes, after so many years, I am a newcomer. MikeLynch ( talk ) 01:30, (UTC) I found a potential citation for the last sentence at 50 (Seit Jahren konfrontiert der Wissenschaftler im übrigen auch Kinder mit Rätseln aus Natur und Technik, stellt beispielsweise Grundschülern in der WDR-Radiosendung "Lillipuz".


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Fred Rippy beat them by publishing his Poinsett biography first. That the protagonist in Ottessa Moshfegh 's novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation attempts to put herself to sleep for a year? Fischer was also a nationally-recognized leader in the Wisconsin cheese industry? I prefer ALT0 as the most interesting and engaging to a broader audience. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 00:35, (UTC) Articles created/expanded on March 17 edit Felipe Reinoso Created/expanded by Vycl1994 ( talk ). So, I'll do these things in the next couple of hours before going to bed. Ergo Sum 15:57, (UTC) Unfortunately, I don't think that connection would be very clear to those unfamiliar with Jesuit universities. The rest of the content was never in article space, but much of it was in Tdorante10's sandbox.

However, the article needs more references. Note : this was a nomination that wasn't transcluded when it was first created back in February of this year. Source: "In West Africa they are especially used for wrapping kola nuts to prevent dessication and ease handling." Created by Cwmhiraeth ( talk ). I think it would be better to develop an alternate hook, and the article itself could be bulked up with more info. 268; one example of Committee leaders (in Suceava County) applying for emigration is in Lazăr,. Dardanus deformis Dardanus deformis.

Jmar67 ( talk ) 11:17, (UTC) I've boldly moved the pictured to after the article subject, since it appears that the picture is referring to the van itself rather than the listeners. That Green Bay Packers president Emil. You must have known what the broad reader is thinking. Innisfree987 ( talk ) 03:45, (UTC) Articles created/expanded on May 15 edit Erik Werba 5x expanded by LouisAlain ( talk ) and Gerda Arendt ( talk ). That in its early years, New York City's Q35 bus was considered unprofitable, despite charging a double fare for travel between two boroughs? Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)." Neutral. Note: Articles nominated for a special occasion should be nominated (i) within seven days of creation or expansion (as usual) and (ii) between five days and six weeks before the occasion, to give reviewers time to check the nomination. Cwmhiraeth ( talk ) 06:00, (UTC) Due apologies Cwmhiraeth, but it does appear that the hook does not meet C6, as it's talking about a plot point and the hook fails to connect it to the real world in some manner. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 11:53, (UTC) It's a go then? Yifat Bitton, an anti-discrimination lawyer, announced her run for Israel's Knesset?

Source: two, Ortega article "Career" Created by Kingsif ( talk ). Guineo-Congolian region, Brachystegia laurentii, Julbernardia seretii, Michelsonia, Gilbertiodendron dewevrei. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 01:50, (UTC) No response from either nominator since the beginning of the nomination, and neither have been active over the past few weeks. MyMoloboaccount ( talk ) 12:28, (UTC) Tread carefully, my friends. Sources are fine though Best Wishes, Lee Vilenski ( talk contribs ) 07:44, (UTC) pinging @ Cyfraw and Jamez42 : in case you want to respond and get this out for the June 29 anniversary? Change DYKsubpage to subst: DYKsubpage change passed to passedyes Add an edit summary,.g.

I've suggested ALT6 below. I think the way I wrote it is most accurate and also hooky. Kosack ( talk ) 20:00, (UTC) Oh, no they totally seem dodgy. I cited one sentence sourced to this article about people mistaking Chiitan for Shinjo-kun that I hadn't read before. Afik, the wording can be massaged and improved in any way. Fair use gives us leeway with attributed"s, but not with unatributed ones. In addition, the hook, while it has potential, lacks context for non-Indian readers. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 00:47, (UTC) @ Narutolovehinata5 : I have removed the unsourced statement. Unsurprisingly, Tokarska-Bakir's analysis continues to be"d and cited - usually without Stomma.

I contributed all the text in both Fatwa and Mufti, so my edits are the appropriate attribution. Ominae ( talk ) 03:29, (UTC) ALT3. Hinnk ( talk ) 03:49, (UTC) I agree with the above two comments. Can you help with the nom for Pütz, arts. Narutolovehinata5 t c csd new 10:53, (UTC) In the above hook, "listeners" is somewhat confusing. Took down a mayor, a Board of Aldermen president, a state GOP chairman and led to two dozen convictions of those involved. Please fee free to improve the article and/or the hook. Self-nominated at 22:46, (UTC).

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